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Image from Local Nursery Open Day

Local Nursery Open Day!

The Mayor of West Lancashire, Councillor Maureen Nixon, was invited to officially open the newly renovated Station House Nursery in Burscough, on Saturday 1st July.  The Management of the nursery school organised the local nursery Open Day for potential parents to view the new facility. 

With access from Red Cat Lane, The Burscough Bridge Station House is situated on the Wigan to Southport trainline and has been completely renovated into a children’s nursery.  

The project has taken four years to complete, initially delayed due to covid.  Purchased in 2018 by David and Natalie Travis the property had stood empty for several years and was suffering major damp and decay due to missing slates and vandalism. 

David who was brought up in Burscough wanted to restore the building as part of Burscough’s heritage.  He said, “Burscough has seen enormous change over the last ten years as new developments alter the landscape.  Whilst new properties are welcome it is important to look after our heritage and make new use of the older buildings that have stood for many years.”

The Station House was originally built in the mid 1850’s with the expansion of the railways.  The grade two status of the building meant the exterior stonework had to be sympathetically cleaned and restored, with windows, doors and guttering being replaced with a traditional design.  The internal features of the original station house had already been removed in the 1990’s when the building was turned into a residential only property.  This meant the internal space could be reconfigured with a modern, open plan, layout.

David added, “With the population of Burscough and surrounding areas growing, it became evident that the need for more childcare places was needed.  The Station House building seemed well positioned and as we were able to acquire adjacent land from Network Rail for parking, a children’s nursery was the obvious purpose for this old building.”

We are now officially open! our amazing team are excited to start developing young minds along the right track. We offer professional high-quality childcare five days a week for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years and currently have places available. If you’re looking for a local nursery get in touch today! Places can be booked online or viewings can be made by appointment.